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Tile Ring | Size 7 | Ready-to-Ship


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This ring is a size 7 (Not a size 7? Get this ring custom made to your size here)

Introducing the Tile Ring, a beautifully designed ring that draws inspiration from the clean lines and timeless appeal found in suburban homes. This ring features an intricate tile pattern that goes beyond traditional ceramic tiles and extends to other elements of modern architecture, including vertical wood siding, flooring, and exposed ceilings. This design captures the essence of contemporary simplicity, making it a captivating piece that resonates with lovers of modern design.

Sterling Silver:
Polished 925 sterling silver

18k Gold Vermeil: (pronounced vehr-may; it's French!)
is a legally regulated term that refers to sterling silver jewelry that is plated with 2.5 microns of gold, which is much thicker than standard gold plating. Comes in a polished finish.

Sterling Silver:
Tarnishing is a natural reaction of this metal. The good news is, it's easy to clean with a jewelry cloth! Gently buffing your piece will bring it back to it's original shine.

18K Gold Vermeil:
To protect the plating from damage, avoid direct contact with lotion, perfume, hand sanitizer, and other beauty products while wearing your jewelry.

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