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Dress for Venus: Jewelry Recommendations Based on Your Venus Sign

I will admit, dressing for your Venus is a new concept for me. A TikTok-induced rabbit hole recently introduced me to the idea that aligning your style with your Venus sign, rather than your Sun sign, can help you attract, manifest, and boost your confidence.

(From my understanding Sun = personality, Venus = aesthetic)

Who knew that you could be other signs on other planets? I sure didn't.

As an Aquarius, I never actually felt like I dressed or presented how an Aquarius's wardrobe is typically described. Words like "quirky" or "novel" are commonly used and I always find myself gravitating toward more reserved choices, favoring blacks and neutral colors, clean lines, and muted patterns. Turns out, I'm a Capricorn Venus. And looking at the descriptions of Capricorn, this actually makes a lot of sense. 

To find my Venus sign, I used this free chart calculator.

Because I am a visual person, here is an aesthetic interpretation of all 12 Venus signs. Find yours below and see if it aligns with you!



The words that describe Aries are daring, fearless, and dynamic. She’s very direct and authentic in nature and not afraid to be bold in accessorizing.  

Here are the pieces I would recommend for an Aries Venus :

  • MCM Tie Necklace: This inventive necklace blurs masculine and feminine lines, making a daring and powerful statement that Aries would love.
  • Aperture Earrings: Bold yet lightweight statement earrings with an unusual geometric design that's sure to turn heads.
  • Movimento Earrings: Chandelier-inspired earrings, striking the perfect balance of allure for an Aries.


Taurus gives off relaxed, classy, and chill-girl vibes. She’s the epitome of understated elegance and is often found in muted earth tones. She’s got the heart of a minimalist mixed with an earth goddess.
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