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Maker Spotlight: STUDIYO Jewelry

Maker Spotlight: STUDIYO Jewelry

Pictured wearing the MOVIMENTO Earrings


Last month, STUDIYO Jewelry participated in our first virtual market with Full Moon Market and they did a little Q+A with me! You can find the original article here:

Q+A With Diana

How did your small business start? Who or what inspired you to start your business? How long have you been in business/been creating?

“My business started back in 2017 pretty much immediately after I started working at my first full time design job after college. I suddenly found myself working almost solely on the computer and craved making with my hands like I was doing constantly in school. I started by experimenting and cutting sheets of shrinky dinks on my cricut and making plastic and resin jewelry and as I started learning and teaching myself more, I gradually shifted to sheet metal. My inspiration naturally comes from my day job as a commercial interior designer as well as my travels.”

How would you describe your work?

“Understated modern jewelry designed by an introverted troublemaker.”

What/who inspires you now?

“Women like Simone Giertz who make a living by being a maker of whatever she can think of. Like she made a name for herself by being the queen of shitty robots. Why not?”

What do you hope to convey to the FMM community through your business/craft/art? What impact would you like to leave on the FMM community?

“One of the foundations that I donate to is Girls Garage because one thing I am passionate about is empowering young girls to learn to build and make, give them valuable physical skills, and show them alternative career paths. As a kid, and still to this day I think, people have told me that I would never be able to make a living as an artist, and it not only makes me sad but also drives me a little nuts. I love the sentiment of Girls Garage because they're tagline is "Fear Less, Build More" and I think that sums up how I feel. I think we deserve to choose the path we want to take in life even if it looks drastically different than the people around us and try not to get bogged down by other people's fears.”

What are some new lines/products/concepts we can look forward to?

“I just released the Luminaire II Collection which is inspired by light fixtures. I always find myself looking at lighting and thinking that it is the jewelry of interior design. I'm actually so proud of this collection that I might add more pieces to this collection later this year ;) Another focus is stainless steel jewelry. I love low maintenance jewelry and tarnish is a bit of a pet peeve. I love the strength and non tarnishing qualities of my new collection so much that I think moving forward, all new designs will be stainless steel for that durability and ease to care for.”

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