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6 Easy Ways to Support Small Artists and Businesses

Other than buying their products, are there any other ways to support small artists? If you’ve ever asked this question, you’re not alone. There is definitely more than one way to show your support of an artist or small business.

Here is a list of a few unique ways to support your favorite artists without breaking the bank and sometimes even earning extra money from it!

1. Shop directly from their online store if they have one

Platforms like Etsy used to be great for some artists but they tend to take a large commission from their orders, force small artists to offer free shipping, discounts, and can make it difficult to be seen on their platform. Because of this, many small businesses have created their own websites where you can buy their products directly from them. Ordering directly from artists’ online store gives them a much larger percentage of the sale, even if you use a coupon code. 

2. Write a review

Yes, the thing that almost no one ever does unless it’s bad. If you’ve had a positive experience purchasing from an artist, make sure you go back to see if you can leave a review! Not only does this often make their day, and drives them to create more amazing things, reviews can also give small businesses more credibility to future customers to help them grow as a business.

Even if you did not have a positive experience, let the artist know and give them an opportunity to make it right. Feedback is so important as artists continue to improve and grow in their businesses.

3. Shop from a physical shop that carries their items

Many small artists sell to other local shops in their area! You can often find where you can find their products in person on their website under a Find Me page, or a Retailers page. While the artist may not receive 100% of the sale, you would be supporting two businesses with one purchase. The physical retail business and the small artist. Two in one! 

Bonus: Make a friend date out of it! Grab a friend and mark out local shops and restaurants you want to hit up within a certain walking radius. Walk, shop, eat, and support local, all while catching up with your favorite bestie!

4. Spread the word

Word of mouth really is underrated but so many small businesses rely on customers like you telling your friends and family about their businesses. The best part is, it doesn’t really cost you anything! Snapping a quick photo and sharing it on your Instagram story, tagging the artist in a TikTok, or just telling a friend or coworker over a meal. Some small businesses even offer rewards for sharing photos that you can apply to future orders!

Getting in front of the right people can be such a hurdle so telling a friend whom you think might also love their art is immensely helpful to small artists!

5. Become an Affiliate

Not all small businesses will offer this program but some definitely do! What is an affiliate program, you ask? It’s when a business offers you a commission for referring a sale from your own website, blog, newsletter, or social media page. Even if you only have a small following, if you love an artist’s work, you can earn some extra money doing this!

Not only does this help the artist because you are spreading the word about them, but you also get to earn a little passive income as a reward for your help. 


6. Gift small business items or gift cards to your friends and family

Have a birthday, anniversary, or special holiday like Mother’s Day coming up? Check out small businesses first for unique gifts that they won’t be able to buy themselves on Amazon. Many small businesses will often have gift cards available or even curate gift sets that are pre-selected to make gift giving even easier!


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