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Introducing the Lite Set! Get both the Movimento Earrings and the Lite Necklace in this bundled gift set!

  • Movimento Earrings: where delicate chains intertwine with graceful curves, evoking luxurious chandelier-inspired allure. With a seamless fusion of sophistication and boldness, these earrings make a statement that's as elegant as it is daring.
  • Lite Necklace: your new everyday essential inspired by the elegance of pendant light fixtures. Delicately designed yet effortlessly chic, this necklace offers the versatility to complement any neckline with grace. With its innovative slider mechanism, adjusting the length is as effortless as pulling a zipper, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

White jade pays homage to the gentle, diffused lighting characteristic of pendant fixtures in both these designs. Subtle yet striking, this set boasts a timeless appeal that effortlessly elevates any outfit, making it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

14k Gold Plated Brass: Crafted with a thick layer of gold plating and enhanced with a nano-ceramic coating for added durability.

Rhodium Plated Brass: Featuring a sleek silver-tone finish achieved through rhodium plating, and fortified with a nano-ceramic coating for extra protection.

925 Sterling Silver Earring Posts: Providing both elegance and quality assurance. (Plated in either 14k gold or rhodium)

White Jade: Renowned for its lustrous appearance and subtly translucent quality. Please note that as a natural stone, variations in color and inclusions may occur.

Product Care

How to store your jewelry

When you're not rocking your jewelry, give them a cozy home in a cool, dry spot. A jewelry pouch or box works wonders to keep them safe from scratches and tangles.

How to clean your jewelry

To keep things sparkly, give your jewelry a quick wipe with a soft cloth after wearing. If they need a deeper clean, a gentle soap and water bath followed by a pat dry should do the trick.

How should I care for my jewelry?

Keep 'em dry! Try to avoid water, sweat, and any chemicals like perfume or lotion. These can mess with the shine and color over time. While it's tempting to wear your favorite pieces all the time, try to give them a break during activities like swimming or working out. They'll thank you for it!

Oh, and when it comes to enamel pieces, handle with care to avoid any chips or scratches. They're tough cookies, but every little bit helps!

Crafted with Precision

Crafted with Precision

Melding Graphic Design, 3D Printing, and Handcrafted Detailing

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