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Questioning Perceptions and Embracing Creativity in the Handmade Business Community

Questioning Perceptions and Embracing Creativity in the Handmade Business Community

As someone who started in the world of interior design, there's a question that has been on my mind lately: Why is there an online perception that a small handmade jewelry business must be a one-person show, with the artist personally crafting each and every piece?

Think about it: When you hire an interior designer, you don't expect them to swing a hammer or lay down the flooring themselves. You trust them to bring in skilled tradespeople who can execute the vision with precision and expertise.


In the realm of product design, whether it's furniture or decor, we understand that the designer doesn't personally craft each chair or lampshade. Yet, when it comes to jewelry, the narrative seems different.

Within the handmade business community, there seems to be a lingering taboo around the idea of having goods manufactured. The prevailing expectation is that small jewelry business owners must be the sole artisans, physically handcrafting every piece. And if they opt for external manufacturing, somehow they risk losing their "handmade" badge of honor.


But why is this the case?

Perhaps it's a holdover from romantic notions of the lone artisan, tirelessly working away in a quaint studio. Or maybe it stems from a desire for authenticity, the belief that true handmade jewelry must bear the marks of its creator's hands.

In my journey with STUDIYO Jewelry, I've felt the weight of this expectation. I've questioned whether relying on skilled tradespeople to help execute my visions would somehow diminish the authenticity of my brand. Yet, I've come to realize that innovation often requires breaking away from tradition.

This year marks a shift for me. I'm actively seeking out better tradespeople to collaborate with, to elevate the quality of STUDIYO Jewelry to new heights. It's not about losing the essence of handmade; it's about enhancing it. My ideas, designs, and creativity remain at the core, but now they have the opportunity to be translated into even higher quality pieces by skilled artisans.


STUDIYO Jewelry so far has been known for its statement jewelry, catering to modern women who seek contemporary designs that reflect their unique style. Crafted with care and precision, each piece is a testament to the artistry and passion behind artisan jewelry. As a San Diego-based jewelry designer, I am proud to incoporate this spirit of innovation in handmade accessories.

I am currently in the exciting phase of trialing a new manufacturer, and the possibilities are invigorating. By embracing external manufacturing, I'm opening doors to higher quality, more intricate designs that I can proudly share with you, my amazing community.

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